Choosing the Best Medical Sharps Disposal Containers

Infectious waste in  disposal container; reducing medical waste disposal.

In any medical facility, a proper sharps waste disposal container is a basic requirement.  This is because sharps are hazardous and can cause serious harm to a person who gets into contact with them.  In addition to injuries, if a sharp waste was used to treat a patient suffering from blood-borne illnesses such as hepatitis and HIV, the diseases will be transmitted to the injured person. It is therefore very vital to choose the best disposal containers for medical sharps.  The following are great tips on how to do it.

When buying the IDC Medical container, always ensure that you buy one that is durable.  The durability of the container will be determined by the kind of material used to make the container.  It is always advisable to go for strong and tough materials which cannot be punctured by the medical sharps.  The material should not break if it’s dropped and fluids should not leak from it.  Such a container will be safe for use and will not contaminate the environment.

In addition to this, it should have a good closure tool.  This is to allow for safe handling and transportation.  An ideal IDC Medical sharps waste container should not flip open when it turns upside down.  The closure tool should be permanent and able to hold securely, the contents of the waste container.

At the same time, a sharps waste container should be compliant with the laid regulations.  First of all, they should be clear but rigid.   Most of these containers are made of a rigid plastic material which also allows users to see when the waste is almost full.  It is important to replace the container before it overfills, to prevent workers from getting punctures when handling them.

The lids must be fitting tightly and they should be resistant to leakages.  Further, it must contain instructions for use and warnings.  All this will be helpful to prevent contamination which may lead to an outbreak of disease, and it will prevent the medical facilities from compliance problems.  A good waste disposal container should be easy to use for all people to avoid accidents as a result of mishandling. To gain more knowledge on how to choose the right medical waste disposal containers, go to

At the same time, when buying a sharps waste container, choose a size which is ideal for your facility depending on the waste level.  This is because these containers are never recycled, so it would be expensive to keep changing small containers every now and then.  For large hospitals which have a lot of sharps waste, a big container would be ideal.  For traveling purposes, you can buy small portable containers.


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