Choosing the Best Medical Sharps Disposal Containers

Infectious waste in  disposal container; reducing medical waste disposal.

In any medical facility, a proper sharps waste disposal container is a basic requirement.  This is because sharps are hazardous and can cause serious harm to a person who gets into contact with them.  In addition to injuries, if a sharp waste was used to treat a patient suffering from blood-borne illnesses such as hepatitis and HIV, the diseases will be transmitted to the injured person. It is therefore very vital to choose the best disposal containers for medical sharps.  The following are great tips on how to do it.

When buying the IDC Medical container, always ensure that you buy one that is durable.  The durability of the container will be determined by the kind of material used to make the container.  It is always advisable to go for strong and tough materials which cannot be punctured by the medical sharps.  The material should not break if it’s dropped and fluids should not leak from it.  Such a container will be safe for use and will not contaminate the environment.

In addition to this, it should have a good closure tool.  This is to allow for safe handling and transportation.  An ideal IDC Medical sharps waste container should not flip open when it turns upside down.  The closure tool should be permanent and able to hold securely, the contents of the waste container.

At the same time, a sharps waste container should be compliant with the laid regulations.  First of all, they should be clear but rigid.   Most of these containers are made of a rigid plastic material which also allows users to see when the waste is almost full.  It is important to replace the container before it overfills, to prevent workers from getting punctures when handling them.

The lids must be fitting tightly and they should be resistant to leakages.  Further, it must contain instructions for use and warnings.  All this will be helpful to prevent contamination which may lead to an outbreak of disease, and it will prevent the medical facilities from compliance problems.  A good waste disposal container should be easy to use for all people to avoid accidents as a result of mishandling. To gain more knowledge on how to choose the right medical waste disposal containers, go to

At the same time, when buying a sharps waste container, choose a size which is ideal for your facility depending on the waste level.  This is because these containers are never recycled, so it would be expensive to keep changing small containers every now and then.  For large hospitals which have a lot of sharps waste, a big container would be ideal.  For traveling purposes, you can buy small portable containers.


Medical Sharps Waste Disposal Containers That Your Health Facility Needs


The gravest mistake a health facility can make is to dispose of its waste haphazardly. It is a requirement by law in all states, countries and the world as a whole that medical waste should be disposed of in the right manner. Disposal start right at the hospital. In other terms; where do you through used syringes, gloves, drugs containers and so on after treating patients? How strong or secure is the bin you use? These two questions among many should help in determining how safe it is to dispose of any medical waste.

The necessity to have strong and secure container at to ferry medical waste cannot be underestimated. At IDC Medical, we have gone a further to give all healthcare facility a better and secure way to dispose of waste. All our containers are professionally designed and come in different sizes, color, shape and more. For more details about our products kindly click here. You will find an exhaustive description of all the goods we sell.

What waste do you want to dispose of? Sharp, bio-hazard or cytotoxic. We have the solution for each type of waste. If you want to dispose of the sharp objects, we have sharps containers made of steel. The advantage of these containers is the lock system that ensures what is inside remain there until that time you decide to open. If you have not tried any of the sharps containers, the right time is now. If you find any challenge in procuring, contact us anytime.

It is important to label all waste containers clearly and importantly gluing the sticker in a place visible from a distance. At IDC Medical, we make it our duty to give all health facilities, containers that are well labeled. We understand the danger of dumping all waste in the same bin. Hence, we have a container for every type of waste in the healthcare sector. You can also learn more tips on where to find the best medical waste disposal containers, just visit

The power of technology cannot be overlooked in improving the state of our hospitals. At IDC Medical Centre, we use the latest technology to give our clients the best products in the market. With the help of our experts, we can produce quality IDC Medical waste container at an affordable price.

If you are a health practitioner who values the well-being of the society, the time is now to enforce the waste disposal practices. As IDC Medical, we have done our part. It is your turn to make a difference with our product.

Secrets To Proper Disposal Of Medical Wastes


It is essential to have a proper Mechanism to discard sharps which are sharp objects used in medication including razors and needles. The used sharps are very hazardous as they can spread different diseases and sicknesses causing infections which are very harmful to human beings and the surroundings.

They have viruses, bacteria which if in any way they pierce a human being they can cause irreversible damage. This then calls for a good mechanism for ensuring they are disposed of in a way that they don’t cause these harmful effects. You should do your due diligence when disposing of them. These are not wastes that are casually discarded. The appropriate way to put them away is by putting them in bio hazard waste bins. These bins need to be labeled appropriately. You should choose the colors that are easier to identify by the medical workers.

Many online stores offer special containers at that are designed in a way that has features that are easy to use. These stores distribute these bins which guarantee safety and also offer the appropriate technology which reduces adverse environmental effects. The handle of the bins should be designed in such a way that disposal is done appropriately.

In case your medical facility use low-quality bins which are harmful to the medical workers then you would be liable when a case is filed against you. The government has become very keen on the disposable containers used in medical facilities. If you want to learn more about medical waste disposal, you can visit

There are reusable sharps which are not destroyed after use, but they undergo a recycling program. Their bins are different from the ones that are meant to be incinerated. Most facilities outsource a company that does the recycling y making the sharps free from infections. This saves money as it relieves the medical facility from buying new tools and equipment. The burden of disposing of these wastes is also very high and labor intensive which is eased by recycling. An outsourced company should replace the containers that are nearly full with new ones which are sterilized.

There are containers at which are used to discard medical wastes as you are on a journey. You put the sharps in a container that is not easily punctured. They are very convenient to carry and help you to put away the wastes safely.

To know where to get the containers you can surf the internet which will guide you to the best shops. Seek information to ensure that you have safe and secure disposable containers.